Introducing The VeracityRx App

Bringing the Power of AI to Prescription Drug Savings

The VeracityRx App delivers the unique capability to alert individuals to medication savings using real-time, personalized data and insights, coupled with geo-location features.

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Introducing The VeracityRx App:
Bringing the Power of AI to Prescription Drug Savings

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Built on truth and transparency

We work with and through brokers to help companies that are self-funded save money on their medical and pharmacy spend without sacrificing quality of care.

We’d love to talk about what that looks like for you.

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The Numbers

Calculate your potential savings

Our savings calculator is free and easy to use. Choose where you’re looking to save (medical spend, pharmacy spend, or both), tell us your current spend, and you’ll have your projected savings within seconds.

Our solution consistently beats the competition in savings.

Let’s talk about what that looks like for you.


Case Studies

The proof is in the results


Employee Group


Rx Cost Reduction


Surplus on Claim Account

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Employee Group


Millage Rate Reduction

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Cost to Employer and/or Member


Savings on Prescription


Specialty Drug Annual Savings

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Total saved for Veracity clients

What We Do - Save money on your pharmacy & medical spend.


Save money on
your pharmacy
& medical spend

We transform employee benefits through truth and transparency.

Save Money

Uncover the hidden costs in your employee health plan so you can stop wasting money.

Improve Care

Reduce your healthcare expense without shifting cost.

Make it Easy

Empower your employees with our intuitive and robust benefits platform.

“Veracity Benefits is a partner in the fullest sense of the word for our employee health benefits program. The choice we made to engage Veracity has been affirmed throughout the relationship and through the achievement of our desired outcomes. We could not be more satisfied.”

– University EVP

Who We Are

Veracity: (n) 1. Habitual truthfulness