Introducing The VeracityRx App

Bringing the Power of AI to Prescription Drug Savings

The VeracityRx App delivers the unique capability to alert individuals to medication savings using real-time, personalized data and insights, coupled with geo-location features.

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Patient-Centered Healthcare

We understand the challenges when navigating the healthcare system.

That’s why we’ve developed a complete circle of care that puts your members first, streamlining the entire healthcare process from start to finish.



Offering a complete circle of care

Care Management

  • Management of complex cases
  • Coordination with care team to develop a comprehensive plan of care
  • Personalized and individualized support to the member
  • Use of clinical strategies and linkage to resources to improve patient outcomes
  • Comprehensive summaries with cost projection resulting in competitive reinsurance carrier rates

Care Navigation

  • Identification of high-risk members using data analytics
  • High engagement rates based on collaborative communication strategy with client group
  • Clinical support and guidance to assist members to better manage their conditions
  • Focus on steerage to quality, cost-effective providers and facilities
  • Improve patient outcomes by providing actionable data


  • Review for medical necessity using clinical criteria guidelines
  • Focus on “review to approve” vs. “review to deny”
  • Quick turn-around times to prevent delay in care
  • Coordination with internal programs for clinical management
  • Steer toward quality, cost-effective alternatives
What We Do - Save money on your pharmacy & medical spend.

Why Veracity Care Solutions

A unique solution for providers and employer groups

Expertise in the industry

Level of cost-savings

High-touch, white glove approach