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Bringing the Power of AI to Prescription Drug Savings

The VeracityRx App delivers the unique capability to alert individuals to medication savings using real-time, personalized data and insights, coupled with geo-location features.

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myCatalyst is now Veracity Analytics

Proactive Insights and Analytics

Employers and healthcare providers lack the tools to integrate and analyze disparate population health data to deliver optimal healthcare in a cost-effective way.

Veracity Analytics is a SaaS solution that provides patient-specific, actionable analytics that empowers you to create and sustain successful healthcare strategies and programs. 


What we offer

Population Health Analytics

We offer a spectrum of claims-based population health analyses for providers and employers including Population Health with Program Evaluation and Productivity Analysis.

  • Provide Plan Analytics and Metrics
  • Analyze Program Effectiveness
  • Identify High-Cost Behaviors:
    • Gaps in Care
    • Substance Abuse
    • Non-Adherence to Protocols
  • Recommend Actions
  • Support a Diverse Set of Provider Programs

For employers we can integrate productivity with claims data from available sources including health management, workers’ compensation, disability (short and long-term), and absenteeism.

The data

Data Integration

Our platform integrates seamlessly with multiple data sources (HER, provider portal, etc), to expose clean data that enhances the decision-making process.
Integrated with 20+ EMR vendors and capture lab data through national agreements with Quest and LabCorp


Providers we support

  • ACO Web Interface Reporting 
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
  • Direct to Primary Care (DPC)