Introducing The VeracityRx App

Bringing the Power of AI to Prescription Drug Savings

The VeracityRx App delivers the unique capability to alert individuals to medication savings using real-time, personalized data and insights, coupled with geo-location features.

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Pharmacy costs are out of control.

We leverage our expertise to save you money.

VeracityRx clients spend 40-60% less than the national average on pharmacy cost.

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VeracityRx saves employers money

The Price We Pay, Marty Makary, MD

“Toth and his colleagues (VeracityRx) have saved employers millions of dollars by renegotiating PBM contracts.  For one employer, a city government in Georgia, Toth saved over $1 million.”

Billions In Your Generic Drugs, Steven R. Quimby, MD

“Danny Toth, RPh, of VeracityRx describes the (PBM and pharmacy) drug-pricing game whose inner workings were million times bigger and more expensive than the games of the pharma bad actors.”


Specialty drugs are particularly expensive

“Specialty drug spend currently accounts for half of the total drug spend, which creates challenges for employers who want to ensure employees have access to medications.”

Laura Joszt | The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits, AJPB

We help by providing you with:

  • Transparency
  • Specialty Drug Assistance
  • Brand Drug Savings
  • Network Recommendations
  • Formulary Management

We don’t shift cost, we eliminate cost.

Savings steps away

Tale of Two Pharmacies

One drug, Duloxetine:

  • Costs $106.58 at a Chain Pharmacy
  • Costs $18.05 at a Grocery Store Pharmacy

After verifying in person, we were able to save the company an estimated $1,062 per year based on one prescription.


VeracityRx Pharmacist Concierge Services


Cost to Employer and/or Member


Savings on Prescription


Specialty Drug Annual Savings

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Cost to Member


Savings on Prescription


International Drug Annual Savings

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